About us:

We combine diverse and regional Indian flavors and culinary techniques with fresh herbs, spices and other all-natural ingredients to deliver rich and flavorsome Indian foodservice sauces and meal components.

The origin and inspiration for our products lies in the family recipes used at Marigold Indian Restaurant, an award winning Indian restaurant which the founders operated in in Chicago, Illinois. Our products will allow you to deliver restaurant-quality Indian and Indian inspired food to your guests, with ease and confidence.

A family of flavors:

Our products are manufactured with the highest commercial manufacturing standards of quality, process and control.

All of these features only underscore the fact that we cook all of our sauces with love and care using centuries’ old slow kettle cooking techniques that ensure layers of flavor in every bite.

The layers of flavors are the hallmark of real Indian cuisine and ensures that your guests will relish every wholesome ingredients like fresh cream, coconut milk, tamarind, jaggery and imported spices like fenugreek leaves, poppy seeds, curry leaves, to name a few.

We Offer:

Variety - a broad range of restaurant quality sauces, entrée components and ready to heat sides
Peace of mind - via a clean label product portfolio made with all natural ingredients
Ease of use - by allowing you to build entrees with a simple ‘plus one’ approach
Flexibility - use award winning flavors out of the bag or used as a base for your own customization
Operational ease - cooked and packed with best in class practices and packaging that provide products that can re-thermalized with multiple techniques, demonstrate superior freeze-thaw durability and product integrity during required hot holding periods.

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